DURDLE DOOR Lulworth Cove Dorset UK

Jurassic coast Durdle Door Dorset

Durdle Door Lulworth Cove Dorset UK photos from Durdle Door

Durdle Door Lulworth Cove Dorset

We were following the Durdle Door Coast Path which can be tricky!

Tourists climb the sleep steps and very slippy hillsides, these photos should give you a good idea of the terrain around Durdle Door.

Durdle Door Jurassic Dorset

Jurassic Durdle Door Dorset

Jurassic Durdle Door Dorset

The photos were taken over the May bank holiday, the weather was perfect for the strenuous climb up and down and there was a small canteen selling ice creams coffee and teas along the way, you can find it halfway between Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. Above left Lulworth Cove as viewed from high on the hill on the way to Durdle Door, the Lulworth Coast is also known as the Jurassic Coast and looking at the size of the birds perhaps the dinosaurs havn’t died out at all! as you trek along the pathways along from Lulworth Cove towards Durdle Door there are plenty of signposts pointing the way and giving warnings of the severe corosion taking place even today on the coast line. Warnings to keep off the re-seeded areas seemed to go unheaded.  a diversion @ Durdle Door.

Once you are at the top of the hill from Lulworth Cove and can see down to the bay of Durdle Door, you will find the trek easier. Many steps and well trodden tracks allow people to gently pass each other! The views over Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove are nothing short of spectacular. The terrain is rugged and very green. A nice gentle walk down the steep steps towards Durdle Door Dorset. and below the beautiful bay half way between Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. People climbed the unsafe paths to get a better viewing of Durdle Door Dorset. Lulworth Dorset. The Cliffs at Durdle Door Dorset are unstable and dangerous for people and dogs. Do not Climb. Keep clear act responsibly

We took the entire family for a jolly good day out to Lulworth Cove to visit the natural rock formation that is Durdle Door.

I would say that although there were many children there, kids should be kept a very close eye on, as there are some very steep cliffs to navigate around and kids do love to go explore! We took a picnic and purchased soft drinks and ice creams from the conveniently located kiosk on the hill.

Durdle Door on the Jurassic Dorset Coast

The steps taking you down to the Durdle Door cove are not too steep, howevers the climb back up was taken at a rather slower pace! There were a few people walking with walking sticks, however it does not have wheelchair access. It was a very hot day and we should have provided ourselves with more water to avoid dehydration.
But all in all, a day out at Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door is well worthy of a visit for all the family!

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